1-year subscription to Minakowski's Great Genealogy

1-year subscription to Minakowski's Great Genealogy

"The Minakowski's Great Genealogy", 1-year online access to all features.

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49,00 zł tax incl.

"The Minakowski's Great Genealogy" - Polish elites since 10th century to yesterday. Almost complete. One, big family: Rey, Kochanowski, Krasicki, Mickiewicz, Sienkiewicz, Kopernik, Skłodowska, Zawisza Czarny, Kościuszko, Hubal, Herbert, Miłosz, Kaczyńscy, Komorowski, Buzek... Eminent: authors, painters, musicians, actors, journalists, discoverers, historians, warriors, philosophers, churchmen, lawyers, politicians: pre-partition, 19-th century, pre-war, post-war, contemporary... And over 350,000 people who are one family with us. Maybe you too?

Paid subscription gives allows to create and modify pictures in the Album, which can also be seen in the Genealogy of the Descendants of the Great Sejm. It allows to tag people on old photographs and automatically create chronological albums of people who passed away long ago.

The supscription grants also acces to the full online version of the Boniecki's Herbarz and Niesiecki's Herbarz.

The subscription is valid one year.